Indonesian dermatologists are unnerved over the rise in toxic shower water 

If you live in Indonesia, why are you showering in dirty, toxic water? Protect your health and your family’s health!

Blog post by Julia Greenfield:

My husband was transferred because of his job and we moved to Indonesia where the water from the tap has a super-high chlorine content. It is highly chemically treated water and when I take a shower, it smells like a municipal swimming pool.

The water tastes flat and like chemicals, so I don't even make tea or coffee with this water. I use bottled water, and so does everyone else I know. The water is typically with bacteria. 

My skin has been more getting dry and more itchy since we moved here. I've gotten these strange rashes. I'm suffering from flaking and peeling skin, and the worst is eczema. That's when your skin turns red and peels, and you have all these itchy rough patches.


My 16 year old daughter never had acne before, but now she's breaking out all the time. Her skin became oily and smelly. Sometimes it's so bad that she doesn't want to go to school. She cries and puts on thick makeup which makes her look weird.

Finally, I went to a dermatologist who prescribed some skin medications. He also prescribed some heavy-duty antibiotics for my daughter's acne. The medications worked for a little while, but then all these problems came right back.

I was very worried about the antibiotics he gave to my daughter. I looked them up online. They seemed very dangerous; they depleted the gut bacteria, and even worse, they suppressed the natural immune system so that she might get some very serious infection in the future.

There Had to Be a Better Solution to My Skin Problems

I was dissatisfied with the dermatologist I saw first. I wanted a second opinion. I did a very careful search online for dermatologists, and I found one that was very highly recommended by dozens and dozens of people. This doctor had a more holistic approach to health, and he was particularly known for not trying to solve problems with heavy doses of dangerous drugs.

On our first appointment, the doctor saw both me and my daughter. He spent a lot of time with us. He gave us a complete examination, and he asked about our history.

"Did you get these skin problems recently?" he asked.

"You know, now that I think about it, I never had any skin problems until we moved here." I answered.

"How's your tap water? Do you drink it?" asked the doctor.

"NO!", I said. "The water tastes very bad. We get water delivered, and I use it for all our cooking and drinking. I make tea and coffee with it too."

The doctor nodded. He said that he was aware that the water in our town was not very good.

"We have very poor natural water sources here. The water treatment plant saturates the water with chlorine and other chemicals because a lot of it is reclaimed from waste water. This can actually come from factories, paper mills, and even sewage! A lot of bad stuff will come out of your shower."

I nodded in agreement with the doctor, even though I was a little shocked.

"Let me ask you this", said the doctor. "Why do you think it's not OK to drink the chemically-treated water, but every day you shower in it? You probably cover your whole body with this water every single day! Maybe even more! What you get on your skin absorbes into your body!"

It suddenly dawned on me that showering in chemically-treated water was just as bad as drinking it!

The doctor didn't prescribe any medication for me. He also told my daughter to stop taking dangerous antibiotics for her acne. What he did do was tell me about the ClearWater shower head.

The ClearWater  is a technologically-advanced water filter built into a very high-quality shower head. It uses special ionic filtering technology to remove harmful impurities like chlorine, chemicals, and even bacteria from the water. "The company recently expanded to Indonesia and you can get a shower their shower head for less than 400k Rupiah. I use the ClearWater Shower Head at home and I tell all my patients to try it. If you live in Indonesia, you should not shower without it" he said.

When I got home, I researched the ClearWater Shower Head and I ordered one immediately. I discovered that ClearWater is an easy and affordable way to restore your water to its natural, pure state. First, it filters out chlorine and other harmful minerals. Then it brings your water back to a healthy pH level. Your skin will thank you for it! It also increases the water pressure by up to 30 times, plus, ClearWater reduces water consumption without reducing water pressure, which saves you money on your monthly water bill. 

Great for your skin and your wallet!

And I read online that many people loved the ClearWaterr. It has hundreds of positive reviews. I learned that when you take a shower, hard water dries out your skin and hair. Shower water often has chlorine and other harmful chemicals present, which can have serious medical consequences. Skin issues like acne, dermatitis, eczema, and psoriasis have all been linked to hard water. A 2006 study even found that lifetime risk of cancer increased from showering in water with chlorine present, even more than drinking it!


Here's my day-to-day experience with the ClearWater shower head!

Day 1

I ordered two online, one for each bathroom. The shower heads arrived in 8 days. It was super-simple to install them. Usually, I leave these things to my husband, but he was at work and I was anxious to try one. The old shower head came right off, and I could simply attach the new one. It took me five minutes and there was instructions included. I was proud of myself! I LOVED my first shower with the ClearWater shower head. It has adjustable water pressure. I really like high water pressure, and this gave me a nice, pulsing, invigorating shower! And believe it or not, it used LESS water than my old shower head.

Week 1

After one week, my eczema was fading. I didn't feel itchy at night anymore. My skin rashes were receding. Even more remarkable was my daughter's acne. Her whiteheads started to dry out, and no more appeared. She had some really big red pimples that were swollen, and these were much less red, and almost gone.

Week 3

ALL OUR SKIN PROBLEMS WERE GONE! My skin was smooth and soft. No longer dry and flakey. And my daughter was so happy! She seemed like a new person. She no longer dreaded going to school. The acne was gone, even the stubborn pimples on her back! (and my water bill was even lower, wow!)

At the next checkup, my new dermatologist was very pleased. Protect Your Skin and Your Health! Always Shower in Clean, Scrubbed, Freshly-Filtered Water!

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